Monday, 12 July 2010

The new and NOT improved stardoll layout!

So i logged on to stardoll this morning, and i was serching around on the 'new' stardoll website and basicly for about 5-10 minutes i had no idea how to get anywere! I was looking and guessing were things were. I suppose some of the things are pretty cool, like the 'My Page' section!
Tbh i think the old layout was much better. But the website now is defiently more modern! Which is a good thing i suppose...? I don't really mind if stardoll makes a few little minor laycout changes but this is HUGGEE!! I acctualy cba to log on anymore i'm still not used to this layout and probably never will be :L
Jeezzee, You probably think i'm so moany. But i acctualy think i should express my feelings about this. If you want to you can make a comment on this and i'll reply and it'll be quite intresting to see what your veiws are. ;)

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